“6th International Blacksmith Festival” @ FerroForum

In collaboration with our friends from the Confrérie Hephaïstos de Peppange, and the support of the CNFPC (National Center for Continuous Professional Training), FerroForum hosted the 6th International Blacksmiths Festival on the first weekend of June 2023.

Over the course of a weekend, around fifty art blacksmiths from all over Europe made the central workshop and its forecourt resound by beating red irons. The atmosphere was wonderfully warm and the central workshop hummed happily along its entire length, like in the “good old days”.

The public was numerous to come and smell the smoke from the forges and closely observe the implementation of expertise brought together around a collective work.

Here are the press articles from Le Quotidien, Tageblatt, as well as a short report on RTL Journal.

Photos © Romain Girtgen