Expo Ressourcerie: “POINTEAU ET MARTEAU” et TRAIN GREY en miniature

For the craftsman, his tool is the extension of the hand that performs the work, the execution of a precise gesture that deforms the material in an intentional way.

However, this exhibition is not a simple description of the “puncher” and the “hammer”, it presents tools which look alike, but which are nevertheless different. Discover the staging, that is to say different groupings illustrating a wide range of uses, materials and the multiple disciplines of craftsmanship. We present a variety of utensils from our workshop and our Ressourcerie: the “little big one” and the “big binges”, the beautiful ones and the ugly ones, our favorites and a few rather sad appearances. It looks like the heads of some tools are breaking or dissolving at your gaze. Some of our exponents are made by hand, according to the precise measurements and needs of the worker, while another assembly brings together only industrially manufactured tools.

The exhibition is dedicated to the tool which becomes the main object, uses and functions deliberately left aside. What was the origin of the tool, how is it made, who and where was it used… Finally, it is not only an object arousing curiosity and astonishment, it also bears a particular character and can tell us stories about craftsmanship.

Guided tours will be organized on registration at: moien@ferroforum.lu

Next visits:

Friday, November 11

Tuesday, November 22

Friday, December 2

Tuesday, December 13

The guided tour will last about 30 minutes, and will be followed by a drink at our bar.

Meet at the Schifflange gate at 6:30 p.m. – please be on time, the gate will be closed between 6:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. return time.

Photos © Romain Girtgen