As part of the ‘Biennale d’Esch Capitale Culturelle’, FerroForum has invited Kulturfabrik to the Atelier Central, and together they are offering you a day of discovery around mechanics.

On the programme: the street theatre show ‘Road movie sur place et sans caméra’ by the Collectif Xanadou, participative workshops on mechanics, entertainment for the whole family, a concert by the iconoclastic KG, perched on the roof of his vehicle, and of course plenty to recharge your batteries!

A chance to discover part of the Metzeschmelz, the district of the future that will be built between Esch and Schifflange.


from 12pm to 7pm :

  • FERROMOTORRR – total engineering and mechanics by FerroForum
    Discover the small functional combustion engine designed by Marc Kühler and his team. Starting with construction drawings, then plans and 3D printed models, the engine parts were moulded in sand, cast in cast iron, then machined and assembled.
    Real engineering from A to Z by the FerroForum workshops!
  • “Buggy”
    Exhibition of the ‘Auto Cross Buggy’ built in the ARBED Esch-Belval training workshop in 1974 and brought back to life in 2024.
  • Ferrocyclo: The bikes of Nicolas and Thomas
    Under the slogan ‘Steel is real’, steel bicycles are back in fashion.
    Flexible, modular, repairable and customisable, frames made from lightweight tubular steel are more popular than ever. Young Belgian craftsmen Nicolas Noblet and Thomas Roba present their craft and their innovative creations, inspired by the long tradition of steel bicycles. //
  • Vintage Bicycle Tour: ‘De Jhang fiert op d’Schmelz
    As part of its ‘Vélocité – La Vallée des Champion*nnes’ exhibition, the municipality of Kayl is organising a vintage bike tour, and will be joining our mechanics festival in the afternoon.
  • LBV – mechanical engineering stand:
    The Lycée Bel-Val will be taking the public into the world of automotive technology with interactive activities and games!

3pm and 5pm:

  • ‘Kamelleschmelz’ – demonstration by FerroForum
    The ‘Kamelleschmelz ©’, a simplified and fun miniature steelworks created by artist Trixi Weis, makes sweets instead of steel.


  • Conference by UpCycle
    ‘Yesterday’s steel for tomorrow’s mobility’- An example of circular design

6pm to 7pm:

  • Zaltimband (LU) : Wandering concert
    A product of the Luxembourg circus school’s musical training programme, the group draws on the traditional klezmer and Balkan repertoire. Their concerts are always full of positive, infectious energy!

From 8.15pm to 9.30pm:

  • ‘Road movie sur place et sans caméra ’Collectif Xanadou (FR): Street theatre / car park theatre
    All audiences, in French
    Stranded in a car park, five characters with nothing in common are forced to come to an agreement in order to leave.
    Agree on what? Everything. The existence of God, the geopolitical situation in Kyrgyzstan, the recipe for Provençal-style octopus… //

From 9.30pm to 10.30pm:

  • KG (FR): Concert, oldwave
    Constantly teetering between the ridiculous and the sublime, KG never fail to surprise, distilling unhealthy, danceable electronic instrumentals with retro-futuristic overtones. But that’s not all. KG doesn’t choose, he navigates between styles and mixes languages, like a sonic sorcerer. //