Workshop Casting & Foundry

Come and discover the trades of moulders and founders during an intensive and extensive workshop, in collaboration with the Konschthal and the Massard Foundry.

For a whole day, you will attend the different processes to make an impression in a molding frame, then take action yourself and prepare your own model and its mold in two parts. You will be assisted by the professionals of the Massard foundry as well as by the artists and craftsmen of the FerroForum who will guide you to give shape to the part you wish to cast in cast iron.

Come in appropriate clothing: safety shoes, non-flammable clothing. Safety equipment will be provided on site.

Duration: All day / Free within the limits of available places / Registration required.

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    Entrée gratuite
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    Ancienne Usine d'Esch/Schifflange
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    Konschthal en partenariat avec FerroForum asbl et la Fonderie Massard
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