FerroForum closes the summer with a tribute to the ‘Grenz’, a hotspot for workers’ celebrations during the postwar boom.

We look forward to seeing you at 8pm, when Luciano Pagliarini and his orchestra will have you dancing in the central workshop.

This will be followed by a notturna ferruginosa with iron and fire actions by the FerroForum team. A retroplatinodisco will go on into the night, with the Loon Djs on the decks. For refreshments, we’ve got fries and beers like at the border. And if you really want to treat yourself (and us), come dressed in old-fashioned fancy dress! T’ass Feierowend!

Feierôwend! is an opportunity to present a book project, the fruit of a collaboration between FerroForum and Laura Steil, a researcher at C2DH (University of Luxembourg). As part of the Popkult60 project (FNR/DFG), she is interested in parties, dance and music in the Luxembourg industrial south of the 1950s-70s.
As the second book published by the FerroForum, “Feieren: Fester, Musek an Danz am Minett” will focus on the culture and memory of balls, dances and popular music in the south of Luxembourg. We continue to collect testimonies and documents, contact us if you want to contribute!


20:00 Opening of the gates and departure of the 1st shuttle bus
20:30 Opening of the dance floor with Luciano Pagliarini and his orchestra
21:30 Retroplatinodisco by Loon DJ’s
Throughout the evening: Notturna ferruginosa by the FerroForum team
00:30 Last lights and fade out… Departure of the last shuttle bus and closing of the gates

Info and contact: moien@ferroforum.lu