Episod 3 – D'Schmelz

History of the “Metzeschmelz”

D’Schmelz – the factory is a city within the city, a living organism, a vessel of iron, concrete and glass. The third episode takes you to the beginnings of the Metzeschmelz and its technical evolution, passing through the history of the central workshop and its “Léierbud”.

Sunday, july 3rd

10:30 – 16:00 Conference-Brunch-Walk

Historian Jacques Maas will retrace the beginnings and the eventful technical and social evolution of the Esch/Schifflange factory between 1871 and 1919. Conference-discussion followed by a brunch. Possible extension with walking tour through the “Metzeschmelz” in the afternoon.

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    FerroForum - Zentralatelier
    Ancienne Usine d'Esch/Schifflange
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