A geological walk in Serge Ecker’s “Anthroposcape”

In the presence of visual artist Serge Ecker, and Robert Maquil, geologist and storyteller.

The third edition of our geological walk will this time take us to the old open-cast mines between Kayl and Rumelange. The route is punctuated by works by visual artist Serge Ecker:

“The “Anthroposcapes” project consists of fragments from a landscape transformed by humans and their machines. These traces create a link between the actual state, the digital capture (Lidar) and my personal memory of this terrain. Post-digital reminders, made of cast iron by the Massard foundry, show the topography of the former open pit mining site which is changing every year by nature which is covering, hiding and healing wounds and scars left after the exploitation of iron ore stopped.”

Robert Maquil will tell us about the geological history of the red earth, taking us back to distant eras. He will teach us to open our eyes, to scratch, break, sniff and sometimes even taste the rock!

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