E Buch iwwert d’Iessen op der a ronderëm d’Schmelz

Alerte Gourmande – Iessen op eege Gefor! This was the title of a culinary performance evening organised in October 2019 by DKollektiv in its Atelier D on the former Dudelange factory site.

To record the stories of those who used to work in the steel industry, the collective linked up with the recently founded FerroForum which is dedicated to preserving the iron and steel expertise of the men and women of the Terres Rouges (Red Lands).

Together the two teams concocted their “GUDDEN APPETIT” recipe book, inspired by the many different taste influences that came with the workers who moved here to feed heavy industry’s hunger for workers. The teams shuttled between the two former factories in Dudelange and Schifflange, crossing the allotments. The book explores the food eaten in the mines, factories, canteens and at celebratory occasions as well as the more or less “DIY” cooking devices used, while also dealing with the issues of alcoholism, the role of women and family histories.

The team which wrote and designed the book:

  • Laura Caregari
  • Serge Ecker
  • Misch Feinen
  • Anima Folschette
  • Caroline Koener
  • Serge Molitor
  • Luciano Pagliarini

This publication was produced with support from:

Luxembourg UNESCO Commission
Amicale des Hauts-Fourneaux A & B d’ARBED Esch-Belval (ARBED Esch-Belval A & B Blast Furnaces Association)
The City of Dudelange
Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte (Grand Duchesse Charlotte National Relief Work)

Print run: 2000 copies, including 100 with “Gudden Appetit” branding

To order: moien@ferroforum.lu

Price: €39

Postage: €8

Payment by bank transfer:
IBAN: LU95 0099 7800 0095 1798
Payee: FerroForum

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