First cast iron casting


Episod 1 - Eis Ouverture

Saturday April 30, 2022

Return to the factory after 11 years of closure and first casting of cast iron and firing up of the forge in our workshop!

Den Zentralatelier lieft nees op!


Blacksmithing demonstrations

The team of art blacksmiths around Romain Schleich and the Hephaïstos Brotherhood heated our anvils with hammer blows!


Foundry demonstration

To celebrate our first day of opening to the public, the FerroForum team prepared the firing of the cubilot, a small cast iron melting furnace. The public could witness live the rhythmic unfolding of a load preparation, the implementation of the sand molds and finally the captivating moment of the cast iron casting.

While Mr. Cubilot spat out his cast iron, the Atelier Central and its courtyard resounded with the little musical bubbles of the “Les Ferrugineux” quartet, specially formed for the occasion.

Photos © Romain Girtgen