Episod 4 – D'Matiere

Geological walking tour

The importance of MATTER has continued to evolve over the centuries.

Highlight on the influence of IRON on our daily life, on the production and use of objects and on the effort we undertake to discover and innovate new production and transformation processes.

This weekend will focus on the origin of iron ore deposits and paleometallurgy in the presence of Luxembourg specialists.

Saturday, august 6th

14:00 – 17.30 Walking tour in the remnants of the old open-pit mines of Lalléngerbierg, between Schifflange and Esch. This industrial and landscape heritage is now part of the MUB biosphere reserve.

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    Parking Stade Jean Jacoby - Schifflange
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    FerroForum asbl
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Photos © Misch Feinen & Arbed – collection du Schmelzaarbechtermusee