Séance cinématographique


Episod 2 - Den Oarbechter

Saturday, June 4 2022

With the stories of our fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers, who infused us with the fascination of iron and the steel industry, what could be more obvious than to focus our first thematic episode on the human factor: the Worker.

Thus, one of our first missions is paying tribute to the labors and expertise of previous generations, and showing the extent of the mining and steelmaking influence on regional identity.

Vu Fraen an Eisen – documentary by Cathy Richard – duration: 15 min

„Vu Fraen an Eisen“ is an intimate foray into the lives of 5 women sharing their memories of wives of miners or workers in the steel industry, all in a parallel montage with archive footage showing the workers or miners at work .

Vanishing – short film by Ken Rischard – duration: 17 min

Forgotten spaces filled with memories of past lives: VANISHING is a sonic journey through the once thriving steel industry in the heart of Europe. Told through a very personal perspective, the film offers a return to the meaning of industrialization and what it meant for the region.

Photos © Romain Girtgen